March 19, 2019

If you ask any 90s kid to name a few shows they watched growing up, there’s a really strong chance Saved by the Bell is on the list. The show is iconic.  It had everything from ridiculous schemes and antics to cheesy life lessons and budding, age-appropriate romances.

It is quite possible that many of us watched the show solely because of the heartthrobs that made up the cast. 90s girls crushed hard on Mario Lopez and Mark-Paul Gosselaar and teenage boys drooled over the stunning Tiffani Thiessen, Elizabeth Berkley, and Lark Voorhies (sorry Dustin Diamond, but we still loved Screech’s personality and perseverance).

Watching the cast grow from awkward middle schoolers to graduating young adults was so relevant to our lives that some of us even stuck with them through Saved by the Bell: The College Years. We’re not afraid to admit that we’ve also seen Saved by the Bell: Wedding in Las Vegas.

What were your favorite years on Saved by the Bell? We’ll happily share some of the episodes that inspired our graphic tees.

Wall Street

When you think of Saved by the Bell, you probably think of the high school years that were filled with school dances, Baysidewrestling, and countless dates at The Max. However, you can’t forget about the first season with that angel of a teacher Miss Bliss and Zack’s first partner in crime, Mikey. The early years sparked our love for the show.

We especially love the season one episode when Zack breaks his dad’s video camera and tries to make back the money in the stock market. It’s early in the series, but we quickly learn that Zack Morris will always get himself into trouble and come up with a crazy, unrealistic scheme that somehow gets him out if it.

Oh, Zack. What can we say? We’ve always loved that “preppy” and we have a tee to prove it!

Jessie’s Song

In season 2, we witness perfect Jessie Spano get addicted to caffeine pills because she was having trouble balancing school with her new girl group, Hot Sundae. Might we add that the show had a few too many moments where these lovable teens tried to entertain us with their musical skills (Zack Attack, anyone?) Anyways, addiction was a pretty serious thing for this lighthearted show. Saved by the Bell found ways to incorporate stressors real 90s high schoolers faced, but always made sure a lesson was learned.

The Prom

The romance between Zack and Kelly was almost too cute for us to handle. We still melt over Zack surprising Kelly with a quaint outdoor picnic outside of the prom when he learns she declines the invite to the dance because she can’t afford to go. It’s proof that some good can come from Zack’s scheming, especially when it’s for the girl he loves. Swoon!  Zack loves Kelly and so do we, we even have a graphic tee that says so.

There are so many other episodes of Saved by the Bell that we love, but to write them all would be close to a novella in length. Instead, we’ll ask you: what are your favorite moments on the show and will you purchase a tee to show your love? Browse the options here!

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