January 29, 2019

Since the dawn of the rock concert, we’ve been coveting trinkets and pieces that remind us of our favorite musicians. Posters, keychains, necklaces, and hats are all great ways to commemorate our love for our favorite band, but nothing quite compares to the staple piece: band tees.

We love our superheroes, but we’re also all about rockin’ great band tees. After all, is there any other way to attend a concert? Here are some of our favorites:


Is there any other band that screams perfection? We think not. AC/DC was— and is— a band that commands attention. They changed the rock landscape, and we’ll be forever grateful. Songs like Highway to Hell and Thunderstruck are tunes we’ve shamelessly belted out with friends. With music you can’t help but turn up in the car, AC/DC speaks for itself, which is why we’ve chosen the simple, but powerful logo tee


The band that defined a decade with its insane outfits, freakishly long tongues, and platform shoes had to be included in our list. KISS basically defined the decade, and we’ll be rockin’ and rollin’ all night thanks to their musical contribution to the world of rock. KISS is one of those bands that won’t be easily forgotten, even to the youngsters. For this one, we’re choosing the KISS Solo Heads t-shirt, which is the ultimate tee to commemorate the members of the band that made such a statement.

Billy Joel

Composer, performer, songwriter — the “Piano Man” changed our lives with his talent. Billy Joel might be a one-man show and not a band, but he’s still well-deserving of a spot on the band tees list. After all, he let us all know that we were good to go just the way we are. We’re choosing the An Innocent Man tee because we’re all about an underrated album.

Ray Charles

Again, we may not be talking about a band, but Ray Charles belongs on this list as one of the most influential musicians ever. That’s right, we said it. Ever. Charles is quite literally the father of soul, shaping the 1950s and beyond. With hits like Georgia On My Mind and Hit the Road, Jack, Charles gave the music scene life, which is why we’re choosing the Ray Charles Soul shirt to add to our favorite band tees.

Bon Jovi

There’s a reason Bon Jovi made hits well into the early 2000s: they’re awesome. We’ll be belting out Living on a Prayer until we’re old and gray, and we don’t care what anyone thinks. Bon Jovi represented what made the 80s great— big hair, big sound, and big parties. They were definitely our favorite dose of bad medicine, which is why we’re choosing the Bad Medicine band tee.

Let’s just go ahead and admit it: band tees are the best. Wear them. Flaunt them. Hang them on your wall. Whatever you do, make sure you have the ones you need. Check out our stock of officially licensed tees to commemorate your love of music.

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