DC Superheroes 101

DC Superheroes 101

Some household names are so simply because of their notoriety. Superman is one of those names, and we have the DC Universe to thank. Batman is another one. These DC superheroes have withstood the test of time, and we think it’s great. The DC Universe is chock-full of exciting, strong, sometimes twisted characters. We’re big fans of all things DC, and want to share our knowledge. Here’s a quick look at the DC comics essentials.

A Brief History

DC Comics has been around a long time. In fact, it is the oldest group of comics out there. The name “DC” stands for Detective Comics, which is the name of the original business, Detective Comics, Inc., that started it all. The company was largely a result of a business venture started by a prominent entrepreneur by the name of Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson. Though Wheeler-Nicholson didn’t stay with the company, he was responsible for starting the comic book style magazine back in the 1930s.

The Big Players


The icons we all love came to life thanks to DC. Superman has been a household name since his debut in 1938. After all, who can get enough of alien royalty masked as a farm boy who becomes a reporter just to keep his fingers on the pulse on all things Metropolis? Clark Kent is a need-to-know name in the world of DC.


We can’t forget Gotham’s loved/hated vigilante by night, Batman. Billionaire Bruce Wayne’s alter ego seeks to save the city every night, but the city’s residents can’t decide whether or not to love or hate him. We’re big fans no matter what the city thinks. Taking on some of the city’s most sinister villains like Joker, Two-Face, and Poison Ivy is no small task, especially for people who can’t decide whether or not they like you!

Wonder Woman

We’re suckers for strong women, and no one impresses quite like Amazonian Princess, Diana Prince. Wonder Woman is easily one of the great DC superheroes. Formed of clay by her mother, the Queen of the Amazons, and given life thanks to the gods, Wonder Woman possesses indelible strength and wisdom for the ages. The DC comic creators outdid themselves with this one, as Wonder Woman is dubbed one of the most popular— if not the most popular— female superheroes of all time.

More Names to Know

It’s hard to write about DC superheroes without also mentioning some of the major teams. First and foremost, the Justice League is a group of superheroes that come together to act as the protectors of the world. The team realized that together, they were much stronger against evil than they were fighting alone. The original members of the Justice League include The Flash, Aquaman, Green Lantern, Superman, and Batman.

Some of the most infamous villains also come out of DC, like Joker (Superman’s arch-nemesis), Lex Luther, and Catwoman. It’s also responsible for an unlikely group of heroes— The Suicide Squad. There’s nothing quite like a group of seriously bad convicts like Deadshot and Harley Quinn that end up saving the world.

We have barely scraped the surface of the DC superheroes, but this is definitely the place to start. Looking for an officially licensed t-shirt to showcase your favorites? Check out our stock today!


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