September 22, 2021

National Comic Book Day

When is national comic book day? It’s just around the corner, coming up on September 25th!  This holiday celebrates the artists, writers, and beloved characters that have made comic books the cornerstone of pop culture that they are today. In DC Comics news, they have announced four new series just in time for national comic book day.


In the world of DC comic women, a highly-anticipated Batgirls series has been announced. This all-ages title follows the Batgirls, Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown, who will be teaming up to protect Gotham while trying to havesomewhat normal teenage lives, too. This series looks to be a fun, thrilling series to celebrate national comic book day.

World Of Krypton

Have you ever wondered what Krypton was like before Superman was born?World Of Krypton is the book for you. This mini series will be arriving in December to shed light on Krypton as they deal with a terrible tragedy on the horizon. Famous characters such as Jor-El and General Zod will pop up. However, we’re most excited for puppy Krypto!

One-Star Squadron

Next in DC comic news,One-Star Squadron is on the way. This unique series tells the story of Red Tornado starting a team using a hero-app on citizens’ phones. Need someone to stop an alien invasion? Or maybe just make a heroic appearance at a birthday party? Just reach out to these heroes on your app! No cry for help is too small for the One-Star Squadron! 

Swamp Thing

Finally, DC comic news brings fans the launch of a new Swamp Thing series from Leff Lemire and Doug Mahnke called Green Hell. This book is a part of DC comics Black Label line, which is reserved for mature audiences only.Green Hell promises to be an apocalyptic, scary-good time.

Celebrate National Comic Book Day With Sons Of Gotham

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