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About Zenoscope Comics

There was a time, as every English Lit major knows, when the meaning of the term “Graphic Novel” meant nothing more than Lady Chatterly’s Lover. Today, however, it has a totally different meaning. And few publishing houses have done more to give the term a totally different meaning than Zenoscope. From steampunk erotica to scantily clad superhero sexiness; from Grimm’s fairy tales to Sleepy Hollow and Sinbad sensuality; from bosom, butt, and midriff bearing babes to mermaids and muscle girls, the tantalizing, titillating, passionate and provocative range of Zenoscope artwork brings a whole new and gasping meaning to the term Graphic Novel. So why not stand proud and grab yourself a slice of it with … the Sons of Gotham Zenescope Comics T Shirts?! Designed to ensure you stand out in the crowd, the Zenoscope Comics Tees are the sexier sartorial selection for your fantasy wardrobe.