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About We Are Men

OK, so your bride to be had a sudden change of heart, ditched you in the middle of the marriage ceremony, and left you standing at the altar. Well, we all have bad days. What you need to do is pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and move on with your life. So you need a change of pace, and a change of scenery. So how about you move into a short term apartment complex? You know, the sort of place that comes with a pool-side barbecue and a hot tub. And who can say, you might even hook up with a bunch of other more or less reluctantly single guys who’ll be able to share their wealth of experience and maybe teach you a thing or two? And, while you’re at it, try a change of clothing with…the Sons of Gotham We Are Men T Shirts! The We Are Men Tees are 100% cotton, singularly pre-shrunk, and manfully machine washable.