Two and a Half Men

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About Two and a Half Men

So, you’re a successful jingle writer who’s happily leading a womanizing lifestyle in a mansion on the beach at Malibu. That all seems pretty cool; even if you do have to put up with your sarcastic housekeeper, your manipulative mother, and that female stalker who lives next door (that one night stand with her was a really bad idea). At least, it all did seem pretty cool until your slightly nerdy and neurotic brother suddenly turned up at your front door one day after having been thrown out by his ex-wife. Worse still, your brother’s tactless and hygienically challenged ten year old kid will be visiting every weekend. That’s going to cramp your style a bit! Maybe what you need to ease the strain are…the Sons of Gotham Two and a Half Men T Shirts! Just make sure you don’t wear them if you’re with your stalker on the Paris Subway! The Two and a Half Men Tees are 100% cotton, comically pre-shrunk, and machine washable.