Trick R Treat

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About Trick R Treat

It’s Halloween and, if you want to enjoy yourself, there are three important tips worth remembering. Number one, make sure you lay in plenty of Halloween candy so that you’re not seen as being mean to the cute little trick or treaters; number two, don’t go breaking any important Halloween traditions; and, most important of all, number three, stay the heck away from that half-pint little trick or treater kid with a burlap sack over his head, wearing tattered and patched orange pajamas, and holding a broken pumpkin lollipop! And, if you think he’s scary dressed like that, just wait until you see what his head looks like underneath that burlap sack. Oh, and while you’re at it, try and steer clear of school buses crammed with undead lunatic children, and avoid young women in sexy fairy tale costumes. And make sure you’re wearing … the Sons of Gotham Trick r Treat T Shirts!