The Mentalist

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About The Mentalist

Oh, yeah, on the surface you’re all light and frothy, and forever either playfully breaking police protocol or amusing yourself with your own intelligence, powers of observation, and snarky one-liners. And, of course, you love pointing out that you’re not a real cop, but merely a consultant – which, given how much you dislike guns, is just as well. But there’s a darker side to you. Ever since the serial killer Red John murdered your wife and daughter, you’ve dedicated yourself to two goals: hunting down Red John and his seemingly endless legion of disciples, and trying not to let your accent slip to reveal you’re actually Australian. Still, every now and then you should climb out of the suit and vest, and change into…the Sons of Gotham The Mentalist T Shirts! Whenever you feel like pulling a stunt such as addressing a large crowd of people and asking for the guilty party to raise his or her hand, The Mentalist Tees are the smartest choice. The shirts are 100% cotton, pre-shrunk, and machine washable.