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About The Following

If there’s one thing that can be guaranteed to ruin your day, it’s learning that the serial killer professor who murdered 14 female students, and whom you helped put behind bars – that’s right, the one who stabbed you in the heart and caused you, as a result of your injuries, to leave the FBI – has escaped from prison while awaiting execution. And, if you think that sounds like a downer, just wait until you discover that he’s now acquired an entire cult of groupie followers: all of whom are completely crazed, fanatical killers! Oh, as if all this weren’t enough to make you want to lock the door and stay home, they’ve all got this thing about gouging people’s eyes out. Still, look on the bright side; you may be faced with an Edgar Allan Poe-loving cross between Hannibal Lector and Charles Manson, but at least you get to wear…the Sons of Gotham The Following T Shirts! The Following Tees are 100% cotton, psychotically pre-shrunk, and murderously machine washable.