The Closer

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About The Closer

After a long day spent investigating major crimes, priority homicides, interrogating suspects, obtaining confessions, changing your department’s name, expanding its scope, handling your co-workers’ sexist attempts to bait you, and generally running a high powered police department at the Los Angeles Police Department while, at the same time, attempting to retain both your composure and your femininity, it's entirely reasonable that you sometimes feel the need to slip into something a bit more comfortable – something that’s not a set of “cat lady” pajamas. And that’s when you should put on your best southern drawl, and say a great big “Thank Yeeew” to…the Sons of Gotham The Closer T Shirts! Designed to celebrate the dark and gritty TNT TV series that in turns switches its focus between, on the one hand, horrifyingly violent crime and, on the other, Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson’s cat, The Closer Tees will never have you saying, “Oh, for heaven’s sake!” The shirts are 100% cotton, pre-shrunk, and, machine washable.