The Bachelorette

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About The Bachelorette

It’s a tricky business, naming television shows. Take The Goodwife, for example. For the title, the show’s creators and producers deliberately selected a once common but now archaic honorific, “Goodwife”, that denoted a married woman of non-noble birth. The show became a huge hit. Would the same archaic honorific strategy have worked, however, for the creators and producers of a reality TV show in which an unmarried woman handed out roses to whittle down a couple of dozen hopeful male suitors? What would, in other words, the ratings be for a show entitled, “The Spinster”? And how many women – or, for that matter, men – would fall over themselves in their desire to be on it? Be glad, then, that they chose a more modern word, and celebrate the fact with…the Sons of Gotham The Bachelorette T Shirts! Whatever proposal your wardrobe presents you with, The Bachelorette Tees will always come up smelling of roses. The shirts are 100% cotton, pre-shrunk, and singularly machine washable.