The Bachelor

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About The Bachelor

Of course you love reality TV. You’re probably (at least so you think) the world’s biggest fan. You never miss an episode of your favorite reality show. You get emotionally involved in the lives of the stars. You sometimes even cry for them. But, no matter how big a fan you may think you are, you’re definitely not the world’s biggest fan. Unless, that is, you live in either Columbia or Ecuador. That’s because these two countries produce around 78 percent of the long stem roses that are purchased every year in the USA. And the good folks who live and work there are HUGE fans of any reality show that has a Rose Ceremony where a handsome and successful bachelor hands out roses to a bevy of bachelorettes! So show your support to the rose growers of South America with…the Sons of Gotham The Bachelor T Shirts! No matter how dramatic the rose ceremony, The Bachelor Tees are always the perfect choice. The shirts are 100% cotton, pre-shrunk, and romantically machine washable.