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About Premium T-Shirt

Here at Sons of Gotham we know how special you are. You’re a Premium Person. You love to spoil yourself, and we love to spoil you. And that’s why we’re delighted to welcome you to, and lay out for your delectation, the Sons of Gotham Premium T Shirts! Of course, no Sons of Gotham T shirt is merely ordinary: they are all extraordinary. But these Premium Tees are extra-extraordinary. How so? Because they are made from only the finest 100% high quality cotton. Grown in soils famed for their fecund frangibility, naturally watered by crystal-clear rain drops, coddled into luxurious germination and bud by the warmth of the sun, and hand-picked by specially trained professionals selected for their lissomness and manual dexterity, the cotton is then gently spun on meticulously manufactured machines before being expertly transformed into Premium T shirts by master craftspeople specifically chosen for the lithe good looks. Probably. Whatever the case, the Premium Tees are made from superior quality cotton. And they look and feel just great.