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About Samurai Jack

No-one ever said that being a magic sword-wielding samurai was going to be easy. But it's especially tough if you're a samurai who's been hurled, along with your magic sword, through a time portal into a dystopian future ruled by Aku, the evil shape-shifting Master of Darkness! You must find a way to return to the past while, in the meantime, severing the limbs of any number of robots, bounty hunters, aliens, and assorted evil minions - always remembering, first, to stare silently and broodingly at them for long periods of time! With such a busy schedule, you sometimes want to slip out of your white samurai gear and relax in something a tad less bushido. So say a big "Kimono my house!" to the Sons of Gotham Samurai Jack T Shirts! Featuring stylized images of the brave, noble, and just Japanese way of the warrior hero, the Samurai jack Tees are the perfect now and zen solution for giving your sword arm a rest. The shirts are 100% cotton, pre-shrunk, and machine washable.