Psycho (1998)

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About Psycho (1998)

OK, kid, you say you got a movie script with a whole big bunch of plot twists? So, how many plot twists d’ya have? Twist number 1, the female lead gets stabbed to death in a motel shower before the movie really get’s going? I LOVE it!! Twist number 2, the film starts out like a conventional film noir thriller, but then unexpectedly shifts gear to horror. I TOTALLY LOVE it!! Twist number 3, it turns out the killer is dominated by his mom – who’s corpse he’s kept mummified in the root cellar … wait a minute! Isn’t this exactly the same movie as the 1960 version? No? Well, what's the difference? Oh, so it’s in color? But what the hey, let’s go for it! And let’s go for … the Sons of Gotham Psycho 1998 T Shirts! When you’re looking for an updated classic addition to your wardrobe, the Psycho (1998) Tees are the thrilling solution. The shirts are 100% cotton, pre-shrunk, and machine washable.