Psycho (1960)

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About Psycho (1960)

So you have a movie script with a ton of plot changes and twists? Well, how many? First one, before the movie really begins, the lead femlae is stabbed multiple times in a motel shower resulting in her death? Interesting!! Number 2, the film begins similar to a conventional thriller, but then does a complete switch to horror. Really liking!! Last one, the mom has control over the killers life – all while her corpse is in the basement of the motel?! I dunno, kid; that one’s a bit too weird for me. But who cares? The kids’ll LOVE it! You’re hired! But, if you’re going to make a cameo appearance, make sure you’re wearing … the Sons of Gotham Psycho (1960) T Shirts! When you're looking for a top with a twist, the Psycho (1960) Tees are the classic solution. The shirts are 100% cotton, pre-shrunk, and machine washable.