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About Pick Of Destiny

Guitar picks can be made from many materials, most usually plastic, but wood, metal, tortoiseshell, glass, or even stone is not uncommon. But the guitar pick you’re looking for is made from something slightly different and a bit less common: it’s made from Satan’s tooth. That’s not something you’re going to find at your local Walmart. In fact, because it’s the very pick used by every rock guitar legend, if you’re going to win the open mic prize money and be able to pay your rent, you’re going to have to steal it – from the rock museum. But watch out for the open mic host (who looks a lot like Dave Grohl)! And, if you’re going to sound like a rock legend, you’d better look like one by wearing … the Sons of Gotham The Pick of Destiny T Shirts! When you need to look like a star, The Pick of Destiny Tees are the supernatural solution. The shirts are 100% cotton, supernaturally pre-shrunk, and machine washable.