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About Nikita

So, let’s get this straight. You say that six years ago you were taken out of prison by the U.S. Government and then were brainwashed, threatened, and generally coerced into working for them as an assassin and covert killer? And three years later you escaped after the covert government agency for whom you were covertly killing had your fiancé covertly killed? And that now they’re trying to kill you (covertly or not) because you sent them a message saying you were going to kill them, thwart their covert killings, and ensure that no other prisoners were covertly brainwashed, threatened, and coerced into becoming covert killers? Got it. Sounds like a plan. So cut through all the covert stuff and try being open about your identity with…the Sons of Gotham Nikita T Shirts! Designed to exact their sartorial revenge, the Nikita Tees are the killer choice for any former assassin. The shirts are 100% cotton, covertly pre-shrunk, and killingly machine washable.