NCIS: Los Angeles

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About NCIS: Los Angeles

When you live and work in LA, it’s kind of cool that your office is a large and airy Spanish mission building. It’s even cooler that you get to lock up suspects in a boat shed without giving them access to either lawyers or inconvenient habeas corpus rights. And, of course, it’s ultra cool that you’re a leading field agent who’s fluent in Russian but doesn’t know his own first name; or a former Navy Seal who’s fluent in Arabic; or a tight t shirt-wearing action gal who’s fluent in about 6 languages; or a cool cop who looks like Shaggy from Scooby-Doo; or a techie nerd genius; or their diminutive, but deadly boss. About the only thing that isn’t cool is the fact that LA is crawling with terrorists, and you’re constantly being sent to Afghanistan! Which is why you need…the Sons of Gotham NCIS Los Angeles T Shirts! Whenever you’re required to save the day/city/country, the NCIS Los Angeles Tees help provide the field-craft you need. The shirts are 100% cotton, cooly pre-shrunk, and machine washable.