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About Mike & Molly

Opposites, it is often claimed, attract. Jack Sprat and his wife are a good nursery rhyme example. But does that actually happen in the real world? Or, at least, does that actually happen in the “real” world of TV sitcoms? It certainly doesn’t happen when a Chicago cop with a domineering mother meets a 4th grade schoolteacher with a pothead, party girl sister. That’s because, whatever differences there may be between the two, they have one really big thing in common: their appetites! And it’s that one really big thing they have in common that causes them to meet, and fall in love at, a Chicago chapter of an Overeaters Anonymous group. All of which is why you have an insatiable appetite for…the Sons of Gotham Mike and Molly T Shirts! Whenever you get a taste for supersizing your wardrobe, the Mike and Molly Tees serve up the sartorial solution. The shirts are 100% cotton, appetizingly pre-shrunk, and deliciously machine washable.