King Kong (1933)

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About King Kong (1933)

OK, you’re in love. We get it. And no-one’s going to argue that she isn’t good looking. But, if you’re going to keep your date with the girl, you’re going to have battle a T Rex and rip its jaws apart, wrestle with a huge snake-like Elasmosaurus and smash its head against a rock, fight a Pterodactyl, break down a giant gate, get yourself gas-bombed and shanghaied off to New York City where, after the briefest of stage appearances, you’re going to have to smash up Midtown Manhattan before climbing to the top of the Empire State Building so you can get yourself shot and killed by a squadron of fighter biplanes. Talk about a high maintenance date! Still, if you want the girl to go ape over you, make sure you’re wearing … the Sons of Gotham King Kong (1933) T Shirts! When you want a monster t shirt, the King Kong (1933) Tees don’t monkey around. The shirts are 100% cotton, pre-shrunk, and machine washable.