Joan Jett

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About Joan Jett

OK, so let’s get your statement straight, kid. You say that you’re about seventeen, and that you were minding your own business dancing over there on your own by the record machine when you noticed that a rocker chic, apparently older than you, with a shag cut hair style and dressed in black leathers was watching you? And that when she came up to you and asked for your name you chose to remain anonymous and told her that it didn’t matter because it was all the same? Interesting. So, before you took her home, exactly how many dimes did she tell you to put in the jukebox? But, before you answer, make sure you say a big “Ow!” to … the Sons of Gotham Joan Jett T Shirts! Designed to demonstrate how much you love rock and roll, the Joan Jett Tees are always a runaway success.