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About iZombie

Fair enough, you may be a bit of a foodie, but the idea of sitting down and eating a big, yummy plateful of brains isn't exactly to everyone's taste. Actually, truth be told, they're pretty good (the texture's a bit like scrambled egg, and they have a delicate taste a bit like bone marrow), but, on the plate, they do look a trifle challenging. That's because brains look like, well, brains. But, then again, no-one's saying you *have* to eat them. Unless, that is, you're a wannabe heart surgeon who was turned into a zombie following an unfortunate boat party, and you're now working in a morgue, passing yourself off as a psychic consultant to the police, while all the while slurping down a regular diet of brains. So make the best of a bad job, and swallow down your gag reflex by wearing the Sons of Gotham iZombie T Shirts!