Grizzly Adams

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About Grizzly Adams

Beards, as every urban hipster knows, are making a comeback. But while your average urban hipster might be able to boast the kind of beard you could hide a badger in, your kind of beard is different. That’s because your kind of beard isn’t an urban hipster kind of beard. Your beard is a rugged mountain wilderness kind of beard – the kind of beard you could hide a bear in. Which is just as well seeing that your best friend is a massive grizzly. In fact, it’s exactly the kind of beard, and exactly the kind of best friend, you want to have if you’ve been wrongly accused of murder, are on the run from the law, and are trying to look inconspicuous! So maybe you could make yourself look even less conspicuous by wearing … the Sons of Gotham Grizzly Adams T Shirts!