Fast Times Ridgemont High

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About Fast Times Ridgemont High

Of course, we all knew them at high school: the kid with the part-time job in the fast food industry who does deliveries wearing a pirate costume, but gets made store manager for preventing a robbery; the kid who makes money from scalping tickets; the star football player who single handedly destroys the opposition in a fit of rage; or the surfer stoner who eventually winds up hiring Van Halen to play a private concert for his birthday party from the proceeds of the reward he earned for saving Brooke Shields from nearly drowning. So show your familiarity, and your love, by wearing … the Sons of Gotham Fast Times at Ridgemont High T Shirts! Designed to deliver an all-round education in dress sense, the Fast Times at Ridgemont High Tees are top of their class! The shirts are 100% cotton, nostalgically pre-shrunk, and machine washable.