CSI: New York

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About CSI: New York

Woah! Let’s get this straight, Mac! You say your wife was killed in 9/11, your later girlfriend was kidnapped and nearly murdered, you’ve been shot to pieces, blown up at least once, confined for a while to a wheelchair, suffered from speech aphasia and you kept it secret that you were unable to properly understand or use language, been framed for murder, and are apparently the top of the routine target hit list for every psychopathic genius serial killer? How the heck do you find the time to run the New York Crime Scenes Investigation unit?! It’s a good thing the rest of your team don’t have such dysfunctional lives. Oh, wait. They do! Maybe what you all need to do is run some high-tech lab test on…the Sons of Gotham CSI New York T Shirts! Designed with images of the gritty and bizarre CSI TV franchise, the CSI New York Tees will ensure that your wardrobe is never dysfunctional. The shirts are 100% cotton, scientifically pre-shrunk, and machine washable.