CSI: Miami

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About CSI: Miami

It’s definitely a tough job being a Crime Scene Investigator – especially in Miami. After all, in pretty much every other city, CSI's do pretty much what their job title implies: they turn up to the scene of a crime, investigate and log the evidence. Not you, though. In Miami you arrive with your gun drawn before there’s even a crime scene to investigate! In fact, the crime is frequently actually in process, and you arrive ahead of the patrol cars, SWAT, or the bomb squad. It’s just lucky for you that the city picks up the tab for all the gas you consume driving around in that Hummer! So sit back, put your shades on (meaningfully, and using both hands), make a dark and poignant quip, and get ready to make a thorough investigation of…the Sons of Gotham CSI Miami T Shirts! With their images of the Miami Dade Do Everything Detectives, the CSI Miami Tees will make sure you don’t get fooled again! The shirts are 100% cotton, pre-shrunk, and machine washable.