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About Constantine

OK, you've got the trench coat, you've got the arrogance, you've got the British accent. All those are very cool. What's a bit less cool, though, is you have also got the abusive childhood, the guilt trip your dad laid on you about your mother's death, the memory of your bungled exorcism that caused Astra to be dragged down to Hell by Nergal the demon, and the fact that your own soul has been damned to Hell upon death. Sounds like you're going to have to walk your path alone no matter how many demons you kick in the bollocks, and spit on when they're down, along the way. After all, who'd be crazy enough to walk with you? Sounds like you need the Sons of Gotham Constantine T Shirts! When you're dealing with the occult, the Constantine Tees will always exorcise your sartorial demons.