Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

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About Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

“OK, Sparky, so you say you’ve got a pitch for a new Reality TV show, eh? And you say that instead of the contestants being stuck inside a house, or half-naked on a desert island, or in a hellish kitchen run by a bad-tempered Scottish chef, all the action takes place inside a chocolate factory? And that your show’s for kids!? I LOVE it! So how do contestants get expelled from the show? Oh, they succumb to temptation from all the candy. NICE! And then what happens? What?! They fall into rivers of chocolate, or inflate into oversized blueberries, or get miniaturized, or get thrown out as a “bad nut” by a gang of squirrels?! I TOTALLY LOVE IT!! You're hired!" And that’s why, while the lawyers are drawing up the parental release forms, you need to slip into … the Sons of Gotham Charlie and the Chocolate Factory T Shirts! When it comes to sartorial eye-candy, these tees should be on everyone's Bucket list! The Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Tees are 100% cotton, temptingly pre-shrunk, and deliciously machine washable.