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About Beach Towels

So, you’re at the beach and you’ve just come out of the water, or maybe you’re all warm and wet from stepping out of the shower. How nice would it be if, say, Marilyn Monroe or James Dean were to come along and offer to dry you off? Or perhaps you’re looking to lie down, relax, and catch some rays. How much better would it be if, instead of lying directly on the sand, on the pool tiles, or on the grass of your lawn or in the park, you were able to lie down on, say, a leather-clad Bettie Page. Or, as an alternative, how about lying down on Betty Boop, or Lucille Ball, or Garfield, or Abbott and Costello, or any number of other celebrities or famous brands? Not a problem! And all thanks to the Sons of Gotham Beach towels! Whoever or whatever you want to dry yourself on or lie down on, there’s a beach towel waiting for you! The Beach Towels are 100% polyester, and measure approximately 36" X 60".