Batman v Superman

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About Batman v Superman

The history of our world is conflict. Some conflicts are minor, some are major. But there are other conflicts that can only be described as epic; conflicts when two great powers, two great rivals, meet face to face. Think of Greece and Persia, Rome and Carthage, Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier, Mojo Jojo and the Powerpuff Girls. But when the conflict is between the world’s two most iconic superheroes, the conflict goes beyond merely “epic”: it becomes Super Epic! So what’s the beef? Is Batman ticked off because, at the end of Superman Man of Steel, the Big S totaled downtown Metropolis and killed thousands of civilians? Is Superman miffed because Batman got lead billing in the movie title? And what is Wonder Woman gonna say when she finds out? Find out by wearing … the Sons of Gotham Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice Tees!