Batman Unlimited

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About Batman Unlimited

OK, we all know you usually like to work alone, but this time you might have bitten off a bit more than even you can chew. After all, dealing with one or even two super villains is one thing, but when Gotham City gets overrun by the Animalitia – a veritable menagerie of animal themed villains including the Penguin, Cheetah, Silverback, the Man Bat, and Killer Croc, it looks like it might just be time for you to get some help. Maybe you should band together with some other superheroes if you’re ever going to beat this blighted bestiary of baddies and get the cast of criminal creatures back behind bars. So send out a bat alert, and round up your superhero buddies with the aid of … the Sons of Gotham Batman Unlimited T Shirts. When you feel that your Bat powers are becoming limited, the Batman Unlimited Tees are an all-over boost you need.