Batman: The Brave and the Bold

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About Batman: The Brave and the Bold

It's all well and good being the solitary, somber, and internally troubled Dark Knight, but you know that the life of a cartoon Caped Crusader isn't always about being broodingly introspective. Sometimes you want to hook up with one or two of your superhero costumed cohorts and get down to some more lighthearted crime-fighting against goofy villains, just like back in the old Silver Age of comics. And if that means that the good people at DC Comics get to trot out a cast of their lesser known, and sometimes much underrated, classic superheroes to help you along the way, so much the better! But even the bravest and boldest superhero needs time off. And that's when you want to team up with the Sons of Gotham Batman: The Brave and The Bold T Shirts! Featuring a veritable bat-showcase of superheroes and villains, the Batman: The Brave and The Bold Tees are the perfect partners for your wardrobe. The shirts are 100% cotton, per-shrunk, and bat-machine washable.