America's Best Dance Crew

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About America's Best Dance Crew

OK. You’re set. You step up, you stomp the yard, you get served. You’ve got the attitude. You’ve got the music. You’ve got the moves: 2-step, 6-step, b-boy move; you can drop, you can freeze, you can kick, you can spin; you can flare, float, stab, swipe, downrock, toprock, kip-up, nip-up, windmill, suicide, power move, headspin, and dooo the worm! So, whatcha gonna do, you and all your posse, with all that talent? But of course! You’re going to enter yourself as a contestant in the kind of high energy team reality TV dance show that enthralled the nation and left it amazed and breathless on its couch! Or, as an alternative, you simply do a headspin into…the Sons of Gotham America’s Best Dance Crew T Shirts! With their tribute to the show that brought hip-hop dance crews to the attention of the USA, the America's Best Dance Crew Tees let you hint at your true dance potential. The shirts are 100% cotton, pre-shrunk, and machine washable.