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About 300

It’s a tiring business being a king of Sparta – especially if you’re apparently from the Scottish part of Sparta. For one thing, there’s the constant need to ensure that your body is buff to the max so that your abs, pecs, biceps, and thighs are all rock hard and mega-pumped. Then there’s the requirement to kick Persian ambassadors down dangerously unfenced well shafts, or to force Persian soldiers and their war elephants off cliff faces. And, of course there’s the seemingly endless round of slaughtering your enemies with a sword and spear despite being hopelessly outnumbered. All of this can really take it out of you. But, most of all, it’s the shouting. Virtually! EVERY!! OTHER!!! SENTENCE!!!! So give yourself a break, and cover up your naked torso for a few minutes with … the Sons of Gotham 300 T Shirts! Whether you’re planning to dine in hell, or talk to a giant Persian monarch with a face like a jewelry store, the 300 Tees are fit for a king. The shirts are 100% cotton! Pre-SHRUNK!! And MACHINE WASHABLE!!!