2 Broke Girls

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About 2 Broke Girls

It’s always a bit of a strain, saving up to buy something special that you really want. And that’s especially the case when what you’re saving up to buy is a cup cake shop of your very own. It’s even more of a strain when you’re stony broke as a result of either having been born poor, or having been born rich only to become penniless when your dad got caught running a Ponzi scheme. Either way, you and your friend are working as waitresses at a local diner in Brooklyn. Still, the good news is you’ve got great job security – or so it would seem from your freedom to mouth off to customers, or even pour soup over them, without losing your jobs! So, when you’re not making double entendres or cracks about the Kardashians, slip out of your waitress uniforms and serve yourself up…the Sons of Gotham 2 Broke Girls T Shirts! However hard it is to reach your $25,000 goal, the 2 Broke Girls Tees will ensure you remain sartorially solvent. The shirts are 100% cotton, pre-shrunk, and machine washable.