June 27, 2019

Think back to trick-or-treating and filling an orange plastic pumpkin full of all the candy you could get your hands on, or all those birthday party goodie bags that would fill your candy stash until the next time you could stock up. Here’s a throwback to your favorite candies and some cool tees that will make you feel like you’re reliving your childhood.


Warheads were hands down one of the best candies you could get  as a kid. Not only were they delicious, but you could challenge your friends to see which one of you could handle the most Warheads at once. The first few seconds you tried one, it wasn’t thatbad, but then the flavor hit and you and your friends would start making some crazy faces. Is your jaw starting to ache thinking of that sour feeling? Our Warheads graphic tees are perfect for reliving the glory days and challenging your friends to a Warhead off. Want to make it an official challenge? Grab these cool tees for all your friends so you can “Face Your Challenge! Challenge Your Face!

Tootsie Pop

There are few candies as iconic as a Tootsie Pop. You have the delicious flavor of a lollipop wrapped around the gooey, chewy candy of a tootsie roll - it’s genius! Tootsie Pops bring you back to the days of decorating brown paper bags and taping them to your desk for Valentine’s Day, so your whole class could fill it with cartoon valentines. But the best cards were the ones that had the slots for a Tootsie Pop so you could get a card from your fifth-grade crush AND candy. It’s what all your fifth-grade dreams were made of. Tootsie Pops also sparked one of the most important debates of all time-- how many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop? We recommend bringing back the greatest debate, so grab one of our graphic tees, a handful of Tootsie Pops, and start testing!


Smarties have always been a love them or hate them candy. For those with a more refined palette, you could always distinguish between the different flavors. For everyone else, they just tasted like sugary wafer candies. No matter what side you fall on, you can’t say Smarties weren’t a part of your childhood. They were a favorite for teachers because they could reward you with candy for good grades and let you know you were such a smartie.Now you can show off your brains with one of our Smarties graphic tees letting the whole world know you’re smart and punny.

Double Bubble

You know what’s better than a pack of chewing gum? An entire bucket of chewing gum! Few throwback candies are more recognizable than Double Bubble bubble gum. Remember sitting in your friend’s basement playing the latest release of Rollercoaster Tycoon, and they would break out the giant bucket of Double Bubble? As the flavor started to run low, you’d pop another piece in your mouth until you were chewing a wad of bubble gum the size of a golf ball. You can bask in that long forgotten memory by proudly wearing one of our Double Bubble tees. Nothing says “I’ve grown up but would definitely still relieve my childhood” like one of our cool tees.

Now that we’ve brought you back to your childhood, go relive the glory days by rocking one of your favorite candy-inspired graphic tees, seeing how much sour you can take (black cherry Warheads anyone?!), and put on your favorite 90s teen drama.

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