July 11, 2019

Rock and roll was never the same after KISS debuted in the 1970s. From their painted faces to their concert pyrotechnics, it’s hard to hear the name KISS and not see their iconic logo. While you’re impatiently waiting for their End of the World Tour leg to come to your town, you can represent with some of our favorite KISS band tees.

The Music

KISS catapulted onto the rock and roll scene in 1973, but the legacy of KISS music surpasses a time frame; it re-defined a genre. You can celebrate the music of KISS with one of our band tees dedicated to their albums and songs. This all-over printed tee of the band surrounded by flames will have you singing “burn with me, Heaven’s on Fire!” KISS is also known for their live performances, becoming an example of shock rock. Since their debut, KISS has performed over 2,000 concerts, with Gene Simmons playing every single one! In honor of their commitment to performances, you can celebrate their live album You Wanted the Best, You Got the Bestwith this tee. The album was recorded on the Alive Worldwide Tour, which was the first and most successful reunion tour of any rock band from their era. Like the studio Alive! album better? We have a tee for that too. But if you’re like us, you can’t choose just one favorite album. Luckily, we have the ultimate KISS band tee, which has all the album covers on it.

The Face Paint

True fans know that when the face paint is on, the members of KISS are known by different names: The Starchild, The Demon, The Spaceman, and The Catman. These characters gained so much attention, they actually became real comics! Our tees can double as costumes, so check out The Spaceman aka Ace Frehley tee, which comes in men’s, women’s, and kid’s sizes. Or represent all four of the KISS alter-egos with this tee of their painted faces. We also love our individual-member tees, like this one of Peter Criss, aka The Catman. Capture all four members of KISS with their logo, when you buy our throwback tee.

For the Everyday Fan

Proud members of the KISS Army want to represent every day, so show you’re a member by rocking this Kiss Army shirt. The KISS logo comes in many versions, but this heavy metal logo is one of our favorite band tees; it’s a fresh take on the classic logo. You haven’t had the full KISS experience if you haven’t been aboard the KISS Kruise, but if you have, you’ve earned the right to wear our KISS Navy tee. If your love for KISS is a little more subtle, then check out our button-down work shirts, especially this one, which has the band members faces on it.

KISS fans are some of the most dedicated rock and roll fans in music history. Our favorite KISS tees can help you express that dedication to the world! If KISS just scratches the surface for your love of rock and roll, make sure you check out our favorite band tees and other graphic tees now.

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