March 28, 2019

When you think of Kelsey Grammer, you undoubtedly think of Frasier. A spin-off of the hit series Cheers, the 90s tv show continued to explore the story of Frasier Crane, a psychiatrist who has returned home to Seattle, moved in with his father, and is now hosting a radio advice show. Frasier was arguably one of the best sitcoms of its time, winning 37 Emmy awards, including a consecutive five year run for Outstanding Comedy Series. With 264 episodes over 11 seasons, there are plenty of amazing ones to choose from, but here is a list of our favorites. How do they stack up against yours?

The Innkeepers

"Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.” Murphy’s Law pretty much sums up the Crane brothers’ attempt at a successful opening night at their new restaurant, Les Frères Heureux, or The Happy Brothers. The mistakes and problems get funnier as the episode goes on, until you think it can’t get any funnier – but somehow it still does.

Frasier’s Imaginary Friend

One of the most utilized sources of comedy is Frasier’s love life. During this episode, Frasier meets a model during his trip to Acapulco. Due to her messy divorce, however, she asks Frasier to keep their relationship a secret. He agrees. Unfortunately for him, that means none of his friends or family believe that she exists.

Ham Radio

In celebration of KACL’s 50th anniversary, Frasier Crane decides to take on the production of a classic radio drama, ‘Nightmare Inn.’  His perfectionism gets the best of him and he criticizes the other characters’ performances. When the show’s professional actor quits leaving Frasier in a bind, Niles has to fill all of his roles at the last minute.

The Show Where Diane Comes Back

Throughout the series, the characters we loved from Cheers make occasional appearances — including this one from Diane, played by Shelly Long. In this episode, Diane visits Seattle to publicize a play she wrote. Frasier’s decision to confront Diane about the pain he experienced after she left him at the altar takes a bit of an unexpected turn, however, when she reveals her life is a mess.

My Coffee with Niles

“Are you happy?” This episode revolves around this simple question, posed to Frasier by Niles, and is the finale of the first season. While the episode itself is incredibly funny, it’s also reflective, showing viewers that the characters can be more than just a collection of funny jokes. 

The Ski Lodge

Roz wins a weekend at a ski lodge but trades it to Frasier in exchange for a big-screen TV. Hilarity ensues when the Crane family, in addition to Daphne and her swimsuit-model friend Annie, embark on their weekend getaway. Upon arrival, they meet Guy, a gay ski instructor who develops a crush on Niles. Alcohol and clogged ears lay the groundwork for some of the funniest character interactions of the series. 

Just like Cheers, Frasieris a must-see 90s tv show. Once you’ve finished watching – or re-watching, we don’t judge – the series, check out Sons of Gotham’s collection of Frasier merchandise. We’re personal fans of this black button-up work shirt and this ‘I heart Daphne’ t-shirt. Click here to shop Sons of Gotham and choose your favorites!

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