June 06, 2019

Who says costumes are only for holidays and parties? We believe in representing your fandom no matter what the season. In our opinion, Halloween or not, there is always a fun way to rock your favorite costume t-shirts. These themed shirts are great for those times that you’re stuck at work on a casual Friday and just want to remind your peers that there’s more to you than meets the eye by rocking one of your superhero tees. Or maybe it’s a weekend night, and you’re headed to the movies or an event with friends and want to show your support for your favorite character. Costume tees are always a conversation starter and here are some of our favorites for any occasion.


On the days that you’re going for that incognito look, but your inner superhero is ready to be unleashed, try on this sneaky Batman shirt. For those who are more into Superman, don’t worry, there’s an option for you too. It gives a subtle reminder that underneath it all, you’re still a true superhero. If you’re not trying to be discreet about those world-saving powers, rock one of these costume superhero tees instead, but be forewarned, when people see this they’re expecting big things of you!

Rocky Apollo

Want to rock the bod that looks like you’ve been training hard in the gym without actually having to ever step foot in the gym? Hop on into the ring with this Rocky Apollo tee and the crowd will go wild.

Zombie Apocalypse

Will Zombies ever be out of style? Judging from how often they are a topic of discussion, we highly doubt it. Between The Walking Dead and all of the Doomsday Preppers, this is a theme that is here to stay. According to the Zombie Clock, the zombie apocalypse may be happening sooner than expected. Why not embrace it and wear this Hipster Zombie tee? It truly gives off that “I just survived the attack, but don’t worry; I made it out just fine” look. There is always the option to aim for a bit more gore with this Zombie Slob tee. This one is sure to freak even the toughest of your friends out, which, on this doomsday, may be exactly what you’re going for.

Harry Potter

When you put on the Sorting Hat would it recognize your bravery and chivalry, shouting out Gryffindor for the world to hear? If so, represent your noble house with this Harry Potter tee. Don’t worry, if you’re definitely more of a Draco Malfoy than a Harry Potter, there’s an option for you too here in that notorious Slytherin green. If you’re unfamiliar with which Harry Potter character represents you most, check out this Harry Potter Character Breakdown for more information.

There are so many options available when it comes to costume tees. Ranging from gory zombie “survivalists” to wizards and superhero tees, there is something available for everyone. For even more of our favorites, check out all of our costume tees here!

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