May 02, 2019

Diving into the world of comic books can be overwhelming. There are different universes, various superheroes, different authors in the same universe, old print runs and newer collections. We’re giving you some tips on how to start collecting comic books, and which of our favorite superheroes we recommend starting with.

Tip #1: Find your local comic book store

This may seem like a really basic fact, and you might be wondering why you need to find a store when you can get everything delivered directly to your door. It’s worth finding your local comic book store because they will have all the new releases (always on Wednesdays) and can add your favorite comic books to their list so your collection is always up-to-date. You can find your local comic book store here.

Tip #2: Pick the universe you want to start with

The world of comic books is vast, and with so many options, it’s best to pick just one universe, to begin with, and expand your collection from there. For most people, they want to start with superheroes. We recommend starting with one of the core DC Universe characters: Batman, Superman, or Wonder Woman. The DC New 52 was a relaunch of 52 of their series in 2011. Starting over at issue one, these comic books are a great place to start for any of the DC characters.

Tip #3: Pick your series

Now that you’ve narrowed down which universe you’ll start with, you want to pick which superhero you’ll focus your initial collection on. Since we recommend DC’s New 52 as a good jumping off point for new readers, we think it’s best to start with a character you’re familiar with. A quick recap of DC’s top characters:

  • Batman - Batman tends to be one of the darker superhero stories. He doesn’t have any innate powers, but he has the brains and resources to go after villains. He is a hero of Gotham City, a fictional city within the DC Universe.
  • Superman - Superman is from the planet His parents sent Superman, named Kal-El, to earth as a baby, right before the complete destruction of Krypton. On earth, Kal-El is discovered by his adoptive parents, the Kents, who name him Clark Kent. They realize Clark has powers like super strength, flight, and impenetrable skin. Superman operates in Metropolis, another fictional city in the DC Universe, and is a reporter at their newspaper, The Daily Planet, by day.
  • Wonder Woman - Wonder Woman is from an island nation called Themyscira. On Themyscira she is Princess Diana, Daughter of Queen Hippolyta. Wonder Woman was shaped out of clay by her mother and bestowed with superpowers by the Greek Gods. She lives as an Amazonian until she enters the modern world and takes on the persona of Diana Price. Originally published in 1942, Wonder Woman helped challenge the “damsel in distress” stereotype of women in comics.

Tip #4: Start Reading

Now that you’ve found your local comic book store, picked your universe, and which series you want to follow, you’re all set to start collecting and reading! Remember, every Wednesday new comic books are released, so mark your calendars and get ready for a journey full of superheroes and villains. Before you know it, you’ll be expanding into series you’ve never even heard of!

If you’re worried about not looking the part when you walk into your local comic book store for the first time, don’t worry. We’re big comic book fans at Sons of Gotham and we have plenty of shirts that will make you fit right in, including the uniforms of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. Check out our other blogsto learn more about our favorite superheroes. 

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