December 13, 2018

We all love apparel that features our favorite characters, but clothes from Sons of Gotham stand out from the rest. Not only are our clothes comfortable and well-made, but our high-quality digital printing ensures that the graphic will not fade, crack, or peel after multiple washes. Plus, all of our designs are licensed, so you won’t be dealing with any knock-off logos. With free shipping and free returns, what more could you want? Here are some of our most-loved designs sure to bring happiness to the men in your life.

  1. The Three Stooges | Supreme Rip | Men's Regular Fit T-Shirt: Moe, Curly and Larry are captured in their fun-loving, goofy element in this black and white screenprint tee. It’s sure to bring a laugh to all who see it, as well as the nostalgia of classic tv! And being 100% high-quality cotton, it’s comfy and fits great.
  2. Scarface | Men's Regular Fit T-Shirt: Warning: wearing this shirt may throw you into a Scarface marathon. A black and white screen print of Tony Montana that features the famous quote, “The world is yours”, your guy will love this 100% cotton, high-quality tee.
  3. Batman | Classic Logo | Men's Long Sleeve T-Shirt: The Batman fan in your life will transform to the Dark Knight himself when he puts on this classic logo, long-sleeve tee. Available in black, gray, or black with a distressed logo, this shirt is cozy, loose-fitting, and casual.
  4. Scooby Doo | Men’s Long Sleeve T-Shirt: Scooby Dooby Dooby Doo! A bright, colorful long sleeve t-shirt, this Scooby Doo screen print is an awesome gift for the fun-loving guy in your life. 100% high-quality cotton, it’s comfy and looks great.
  5.  Bob’s Burgers | Trust Me | Men’s Regular Fit T-Shirt: Show off one of the favorite Bob’s Burger characters in this funny, comfy, 100% cotton  t-shirt that features a screen print of tina along with the quote, “Trust me, you’re hitting on me.”
  6. Superman | Hawaiian Shield | Men's Tank Top: A twist on the classic Superman logo, this colorful Hawaiian shield makes for an awesome design that Superman fans will love. Set against a black 100% cotton background, the shield adds a pop of color that makes this tank perfect for pool-side or vacation.
  7. Atari | Men's Long Sleeve T-Shirt: Is there a gamer in your life? This is the ultimate gift for anyone who loves video games, as the classic Atari logo is prominently printed on our 100% cotton, casual, loose-fitting long sleeve t-shirt.
  8. Popeye | Strong To The Finish | Men's V-Neck T-Shirt: Confession: we’re trying not to sing, “i’m popeye the sailor man!” when we look at this v-neck. A retro print of Popeye with the quote “Strong to the Finish”, this 100% cotton v-neck is stylish, loose-fitting, breathable, and fun.
  9. Shrek | Costume All Over Print | 100% Poly T-Shirt: Transform into Shrek with this fun costume t-shirt that looks just like Shrek’s outfit (minus the green body, of course!). A 100% polyester tee, it’s lightweight, comfortable, and looks just like Shrek’s top half.
  10. Harry Potter | Hogwarts | Athletic Men's Regular Fit T-Shirt: Perfect for Potter heads, this 100% cotton tee prominently displays the Hogwarts logo in an athletic style.

Have questions or need help finding the perfect gift? Refer to our FAQand contact us at 888.766.7442,  or email us here.

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