5 Halloween Movies To Watch This Season

5 Halloween Movies To Watch This Season

Halloween Movies

Are you making your way through your Halloween movie list? Or do you still need to get started? Whether you need some new additions or don’t know where to start, Sons Of Gotham has you covered. With that said, here are five Halloween movies to watch this season.


The Shining

Based on the Stephen King novel, this 1980 classic directed by Stanley Kubrick is considered one of the greatest horror films ever made. The Shining offers incredibly memorable performances from Jack Nicholson and Shelley Duvall, making this film stand the test of time since 1980. Simply put, you can’t beat the classics.


The Exorcist

Since its release in 1973, The Exorcist  has earned a reputation few other films have received. Whispers of audiences leaving the theatre in fear and even fainting have always surrounded the film due to its intense level of disturbing horror. If you want something truly spooky, you can’t go wrong with The Exorcist.


Freddy Vs. Jason

What’s better than one iconic horror movie villain? How about two of them, fighting to the death! Freddy Vs. Jason has all the action and fun every good slasher film needs. Watching these two titans of terror have their own showdown makes for a great Halloween tradition.


The Conjuring

The Conjuring franchise has been wildly successful, spawning multiple sequels and spin-offs. The film is not only a masterpiece of scary moments. It’s also inspired by real life people and events. With that in mind, don’t blame us if you can’t sleep without a light on after watching this horrifying film!


Edward Scissorhands

While Edward Scissorhands might not be a frightful viewing, it does have those iconic, spooky Tim Burton vibes we all know and love. Edward Scissorhands doesn’t rely on jump scares or ghosts for its Halloween thrills, but rather the way in which the townsfolk respond to Edward being a part of their society. In that sense, it has themes that Frankenstein fans will enjoy and appreciate.


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