February 14, 2019

Ahhh, the 90s. Possibly the best decade there was. Wait… didn’t we say that about the 80s? Well, it’s tough to choose, so we’ll just say both decades were winners. The 90s were responsible for some pretty stellar television, though. That we know for sure. Here are a few of our favorite shows:

The X-Files

The early 90s were a great time for sci-fi, and 1993 marked the beginning of what would become one of the most popular sci-fi shows of all time: The X-Files. We wanted to believe in the reboot, but it turns out the 90s couldn’t be beat. We’re thankful that the show gave us a full nine seasons of freaky mystery mayhem, especially after learning that it almost didn’t make it out of the pilot stage. That’s right. Entertainment Weekly dubbed the show a dud before it ever had a chance. Thank goodness the public didn’t agree!

Beverly Hills 90210

Television wouldn’t have been complete without the drama that was Beverly Hills 90210. Even the show’s theme music brings back memories. The Peach Pit was the beacon of unbelievable (literally) high school drama. And let’s be honest, that zip code is forever famous because of the show. Brenda, Dylan, Kelly, Brandon and the rest of the crew paved the way for shows like One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, and The OC.

Dawson’s Creek

We’re pretty sure 90210 also influenced another of our favorites: Dawson’s Creek. But Dawson’s Creek took the high school drama just a little bit further by introducing us to the most epic of love triangles. The first season had us hooked, but when Pacey kissed Joey, we were all thrown for a loop and couldn’t wait to find out what happened. We were hooked, and we just kept coming back for more. Six seasons later, we’re still wishing for a little more time with the Capeside crew.

Saved by the Bell

Okay technically Zack, Kelly, Screech and the crew of Saved by the Bell slid into their seats in the summer of 1989, but the show lived on until 1994 if you count the one season of college years as well. Unlike 90210 and Dawson’s Creek, Saved by the Bell was less about the drama and more about the good times one has in high school. It was funny, upbeat, and the relationships were believable, and we love that about the show.

Xena Warrior Princess

What’s a list of 90s shows without one staring a chakram-throwing, sword-wielding warrior princess? Xena: Warrior Princess definitely fits the bill. We love this show because it was fun, jam-packed with action and adventure, and even some of the campy humor had us hooked. The once blood-thirsty villain-turned-vigilante has a turbulent past the bleeds into her present, but Xena does everything she can to redeem herself, and there’s nothing like a good redemption story. We’re glad Hercules introduced us to her, but we still think 134 episodes wasn’t quite enough.

Does the trip down memory lane have you feeling all of the 90s nostalgia? Not to worry, there’s a t-shirt for that, and we have it!

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