October 07, 2021

Easy And Affordable Ideas

Have you started your Halloween costume yet? If not, don’t worry! A good costume doesn’t need to be difficult or expensive. In fact, there are plenty of easy Halloween costumes for adults, teens, couples, and even groups. Here are five easy last minute Halloween costume ideas.

Power Rangers

First off, you can never go wrong with the Power Rangers! Not only does this make a great easy Halloween costume for adults, but it’s even better in groups. Pick out your favorite ranger and team up with your friends for this last minute Halloween costume.

Star Trek Crew Members

In the word’s of Spock, it would be “highly illogical” not to consider using Star Trek as your last minute Halloween costume idea. The command uniforms are a perfect, stylish look that are easy to coordinate with your costume. Perfect for couples, groups, or just on your own, dressing up as part of the Star Trek universe is a great, easy Halloween costume idea.


You can’t beat the classics. Dressing up as a zombie is always a hit on Halloween. With easy and affordable options, you can look the part with just a little bit of effort. If you’re shopping last minute, zombies are a great go-to lazy Halloween costume.

Batman, Robin, Riddler & More

There’s plenty of options to choose from in the world of Batman. Riddler is an easy Halloween costume to do, and so is the Joker with a bit of effort. Of course, you can always go for a more retro look as well.

Montoya from The Princess Bride

Montoya is one of the most memorable characters in movie history. Even better, Montoya makes for an easy Halloween costume. With his signature look,you can transform into this iconic swordsman at the last minute for Halloween.

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