July 25, 2019

The 2000s were the golden age of television. Streaming services hadn’t reached the masses yet, so we actually had to wait each week to find out what happens next. Oh, the hardships! But the popularity of 2000’s TV shows continues to rise each year, everyone waiting to see which show gets a reunion or reboot next. What makes 2000’s shows so binge-worthy over a decade later? Is it the stories, or watching the now-famous actors’ career take off? Maybe it’s the overall time-capsule way the shows capture the clothes, music, and wit of the 2000s. We all have our favorites, and the best way to show your support for your favorite 2000’s TV show is to rock one of our graphic tees.

Gilmore Girls

Every fall, we have our pumpkin spice latte in hand as we re-watch Gilmore Girls, wishing we were wandering around Stars Hollow. Gilmore Girls passed the Bechdel Test before its popularity, and some super-fans argue every episode passes the test. We can’t forget the Gilmores famously fast-paced dialogue that has led to some of the best quotes. Whether you would spend your time in Stars Hollow studying with Rory or chatting with Lorelai, show you’re a regular at Luke’s with your own graphic tee.

One Tree Hill

One of the most addictive teen dramas, One Tree Hill follows half-brothers Lucas and Nathan Scott’s lives. The character arcs were some of the more complex representations for teen characters in the 2000s, as they navigate everything from jealousy, to family, to grief, to love, to friendship, even to murder! Chad Michael Murray may have stolen our hearts as Lucas Scott, but Sophia Bush was the real icon as Brooke Davis. Who didn’t wish they could own a Clothes over Bros original? Well, now you can with one of our graphic tees!

Friday Night Lights

Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.Friday Night Lights was the teenage sports drama we never knew we needed. We wish Coach Taylor could lead our workout class, or you know, coach us through life in general. We are still so proud of our QB1 Matt Saracen and wish we could have been cheering in the stands in our Dillon Panthers shirt during that state championship comeback. We learned a lot about community from the Taylors and the Panthers, but most importantly, we learned that to know Tim Riggins is to love him. Texas forever.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

There are endless crime shows on television and streaming services today, and all of them can be grateful to the 2000s for breaking the mold with iconic crime shows like CSI. CSI showed us that Las Vegas is full of money, alcohol, and murder. There’s so much crime, in fact, that CSI produced 15 seasons set in Vegas alone! The spin-offs of CSI: NY and CSI: Miami were just as entertaining, and Horatio Caine’s one-liners are still meme-worthy to this day. Not only was CSI gruesomely entertaining, but it also taught us so much about crime scene evidence, DNA, and the roles of the forensics unit. But TBH, we still have nightmares about that episode when Nick was buried alive.

Law & Order: SVU

A crime show without a badass female lead? We don’t know her. Law & Order: SVU serves feminist justice as Detective Olivia Benson (now Lieutenant) is the ultimate representation of grit and perseverance. We stan her forever, or at least until she retires. Law & Order: SVU is still running today because it shows how a 2000’s show can never go out of style. Whether you love Fin’s one-liners or want Stabler to come out of retirement already, we have your SVU graphic tee collection ready to go.


Firefly is probably the most popular one-season show in television history. Fans are relentless, costumes are still worn by the masses at Comic-Con every year (and even had its own panel in 2012?!), and the obsession with Nathan Fillion is still very real. The Space Western was ahead of its time, and everyone wonders how it would be different if it aired in this decade. We can only hope we see our Serenity fly once again on a streaming platform. In the meantime, you can show your support by posing with your Firefly graphic tees.

With nostalgia for your favorite 2000’s show rising, why not treat yourself to a graphic tee?

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